Many couples enjoy vacationing together, and vacationing in Canada is an amazing experience. This is a country that has metropolitan area, but still has vast tracts of wilderness and near wilderness to enjoy. Whether you are an urban tourist or an eco tourist, you can find literally thousands of places to go and things to do.  Of course, while traveling, you may get an amorous urge and want to satisfy that itch immediately. Out of thousands of possibilities, these are some of my personal favorites.


On the coast of Newfoundland in the Castle Hill National Historic Site, there is an old seventeenth century fort called “Placentia”. It was a fort that the French had built to fight the British, and protect their fishing rights in the Atlantic. Today, it is a well-maintained fort with lots of places to sneak away from the guided tours for a little quickie. Just don’t let them catch you, or you might be thrown into the fort’s stockade.


Prince Edward Island, similar to Idaho, is known for its spuds. But there the similarity ends. This is an island with only about 200,000 people living on it. Mostly farmers with some fishing and commerce. One of the more interesting attractions for tourists is the confederation bridge to get to the island from New Brunswick. It is one of the longest bridges in the world. But for nature loving people, The Confederation Trail is a highlight that winds through various maritime ecologies. It is a nature lovers delight, and also has many private places for you to enjoy each other intimately.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has some amazing vistas. One of the most awing is the tidal bore on the Bay of Fundy. The shape of this bay is like a giant funnel, and when the tide comes in, the effect of the water rising is multiplied to the point that the tide comes in like a giant wave. Almost like a small tsunami. You will find no end of parks along the shores of this bay, and thus many private places to perform your own tidal bore with your spouse.

New Brunswick

For some people, a little scare can get the sexual juices flowing, as well as adrenalin.  Go to French Fort Cove in New Brunswick, where a headless Nun guides you through the halls and paths with ghost stories and real-life history of the fort. All the lights are low, to make it extra scary, and which provides a good opportunity for some discreet touching during the tour. Hopefully the nun is the only thing that is head-less.


Recently I was on vacation in Quebec in a place called Ham Nord. Near a cemetery on the main road is a path to an old river coming down from a mountain. Through the centuries, it has cut through the rock and made a gorgeous series of little waterfalls. When the water levels are low, you can get in and actually spend time underneath the waterfall and get cozy with someone special. A very romantic place to make love.


For those of you who love the outdoors, there is nothing finer than the provincial parks of Ontario. If yo are into roughing it, then Algonquin Park or Lake Superior Provincial Park are two of the most pristine places in the world to commune with nature. While you are enjoying the outdoors, you and your partner can commune with each other on a regular basis!


The Cheltenham Badlands of Ontario are nothing at all when compared to the scope of what Alberta has to offer. If you are into roughing it, you’ll love the Alberta Badlands even more! There’s Brook, Alberta, where you can go digging for bones in Dinosaur Provincial Park. And if you can’t find any fossils, get yourself a private spot and dig for a different kind of bone, if you know what I mean.For those of you who are into greener pleasures, it is hard to top Banff National Park. Located just outside of Calgary, the park starts in the foothills of the rockies and winds through a long valley bordered by touring mountains, like Mount Eisenhower. Truly stunning in grandeur everywhere you look. Elk and Black bear wander along the side of the highway the cuts through the middle of the park. You can stay at Lake Louise and enjoy a glacier hike with world class dining. Paddle a canoe on the lake, and when you are finished paddling the canoe, you can get into some more kinky paddling with each other. 


Winnipeg – often known as Winterpeg is a very, very cold city in the winter. Stay away from it, unless you want to say you braved -40 degree weather. If you go there though, what better reason is there to snuggle with your snuggle-bunny than to try to warm up? And of course friction is one of the best warming activities around!


In the northern part of Saskatchewan is the City of Saskatoon. I typical sprawling prairie city set on the forks of two rivers, there are many attractions to see. Including the Wanuskewin Heritage Park just north of the city. This is a facility that shows the heritage of the cree Indians who are native to this area. Maybe you can convince the authorities to let you make love in one of the exhibit Teepees..

British Columbia

You have to assume that the 800 year old fir trees in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island have seen their fare share of everything. But when was the last time they saw a couple getting busy against their huge 250 foot trunks? Find a quiet and private tree and get wood against some wood. In 800 more years, they’ll have some interesting tales to tell the aliens that can talk to plants.


If you decide to venture to the far north of Canada, you should plan to do it in the summer. Winter is just too unpredictable and it is no place for casual tourists. If you do venture into the Yukon in the summer, you will experience very long days and very short nights. In fact, if you are at Dawson in the middle of June, you can read a book at midnight. A couple interesting things to do while in Dawson are to gamble at Diamond Tooth Gerties, Pan for Gold, take a guided river tour, or best yet, drink a Sour Toe Cocktail at the Sourdough Saloon in the "Downtown Hotel". The sour toe cocktail is a drink with a somewhat mummified human toe inside of it.  After you have finished your cocktail, you can retire to your room to enjoy a different type of cocktail with your partner as well as explore whatever toe fetishes, you might have.


If you are into architecture, then the igloo shaped church in Canada's most northerly town of Inuvik might interest you. Definitely above the artic circle, the sun never sets at all for several days in mid June. Well worth a trip to see.  Of course that means that you can make love under the sun for 24 hours straight. An interesting pastime if you have the stamina.


Speaking of waterfalls, when you’re in Nunavut, there is no better place for scenic wonder than Katannilik Territorial Park. Literally meaning “a place of waterfalls”, it has numerous trails and waterfalls to see during the summer months. Hike to a cozy nook somewhere and bless the land with some hot, nasty sex. Then hit the local restaurant for some blubber and whiskey to relax. Fun!

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