How do I start this tale of woe?

I had been out of a two year relationship for a short time. My brother called and told me that he needed me to go out with his girlfriend's brother as a favour. Reluctant as I was to do this, he twisted my arm a bit. His reasoning was that it was only one night and there was no commitment required on my part to have a second date. He started to get so whiny that I gave in just to shut him up. He told me that he would call me and let me know where to meet this guy, he asked me to please be nice to him as he didn't want any flack from his girlfriend. I told him I would be a perfect date. Later that night he emailed me this guys photo,”WOW” he was gorgeous! So what was wrong with him?

I chatted with him on the phone and he told me he would met me at the Swiss Chalet that was about two blocks from me. I though it was pretty decent of him not to have me go out of my way. So far so good. He waved me over to the table that he had already acquired as I walked in. Face to face, he was even more hunky than in his photo. When I got to the table, he introduced himself, and we sat down to read the menus that were already sitting there. 

When the waiter came over to take our order, we both settled on roast chicken. We had a nice Pinot Grigio with our supper. After we ate, we just sat around talking while we finished the wine. We both drank sparingly because we both seemed to want the evening to last. He was both funny and articulate. Even considering the fact that it was a first date, I had one of the best times that I have ever had. I kept pinching myself. Here I was out with this amazing creation of God and on top of that we just seemed to have so much in common. When our sojourn came to an end, he offered to drive me home. On the way he asked if he could take me out again the next night. Needless to say, I accepted. If he had not asked me I was going to ask him, regardless of proper protocol!

 After we had been getting very tight for a couple of weeks, he asked me to spend the weekend at his cottage. I jumped at it. Everything had been going so good, I was totally ready to take this to another level. This would be a solid step in that direction. He picked me up early, and we stopped for a couple of egg McMuffins at McDonalds on the way. The scenery was beautiful, with rolling mountains, verdant trees and lakes so blue it was breath taking. After three hours, the trip ended at a picturesque cozy cabin on the shore of a small lake. It had a large fireplace that heated the whole cabin, as well as the one bedroom.

 That night was like heaven because he was a genius in bed.  He was like the EverReady bunny and just kept going, and going, and going. I guess that made me the anti-bunny because I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.  I have never been made love to like that before. Later on as we snuggled up and settled down for the night, it seemed like I had just drifted off when it was time to get up. I awoke to brilliant sunlight streaming through the windows.

And then the axe fell! I knew there had to be something about this guy. He was just too perfect. As I stretched and looked around, I saw him standing across the room, and my eyes flew open! He was standing there wearing my discarded unmentionables. And they were way too tight on him. I was grossed out! As I stared, he informed me that he liked to cross dress once in a while, and asked me if it turned me on. I told him that it repulsed me, and that I wanted my under clothes back.

He would not give them back, and after chasing him around, I finally managed to literally tackle him so I could get them off. This was way too weird for my tastes. After packing, we had a very quiet three hour drive back. It seemed to take forever.When I got in the door, the first thing I did was to through out the bra and panties that he had sullied and then I took a long hot shower in an effort to purge my soul of him.

Why does this sort of crap seem to follow me around like a dark cloud? I always seem to end up holding the dirty end of the stick.

After licking my wounds for a long, long time, I finally decided that if I was to turn my life around I had to take some risks. So, rather than get fixed up by other people, I took matters into my own hands and joined an online dating site. I dated a few guys before I finally found someone that I bonded with. I am currently dating a really nice guy and it is quite serious. He may not be Brad Pitt, but he sure heats me up when I look at him. And the best thing is that he only wears guy clothes!

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