If you are looking for advice on how to date women, then this information will give you a few courses of action. When you treat your woman right on a first date, they will will want to date you again, regardless of what you look like or your financial position. There is one key success factor, and that is charm, charm, charm.  Although there is such a thing as too nice, girls will tend to forgive that. There is however, a few things you should not do such as:
1) Do not be too subservient such as
a. Making her feel so important that you lower your status to be less than hers. If you are praising her or giving her a complement, couch it as a double entendre. You will achieve the complement yet still appearing to be a person of substance and stature.
b. Asking her to compare you other men she has known – on a first date you will look like less because of the lack of history Do not push this rhetorical button; it is too soon to get into this depth of conversation.
c. Delegating control of the date to her. Questions should not be open ended. If you are not sure of what she would like, then give her a list of two, or at most three choices of things to do next. If she is not happy with any of them, then you have not done your homework as to what her preferences are. You have screwed up, you deserve to be dumped. (On subsequent dates, you can dig for suggestions, but on a first date you should appear to be in charge, well planned, but flexible).
2) The next fault is trying to impress her too much. Do not boast and crow, and keep mum on your financial information.  Just be a interested partner, listen to her, and pick up the bill.  Date one is female centric, it is not about you. If she queries about you, then give them a solid well thought out answer but no answer should take longer than one minute, or else you are in the danger zone of coming across in a negative light.
3) Do not do not make her out to be a princess. That advice is more important if the woman is really attractive.  Really attractive women are used to being on a pedestal. Did you ever notice how often that really attractive women are dating bad boys?  That is because hoods do not put them on a pedestal and they feel like they are being appreciated for who they are. In many cases the bad boys are abusive, but they like that because at least the bum is treating them differently than everyone else does. Nothing is more tiring to beautiful women as getting hit on – they have heard it all before.  The better thing to do is to just ask them something about themselves, such as what they are doing, where they work, etc.
4) Being exclusive too soon in a relationship.  Both you and her should be obviously playing the field initially. If you come across as someone who would commit exclusively either on or just after the first date, you will seem needy and diminished in their eyes.  No woman wants to be dating a grasping loser. You have to come across as confident with women, and therefore desirable in her eyes.

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