Maybe a better name for this story is Cindy's evil date. I am Cindy by the way.
I worked at a variety store in Boston, we had some real nuts come in but sometimes we would get ones that seemed normal… so I thought. I am used to having men hit on me, and this one customer of ours had been fairly persistent, in a friendly way, for quite a while when I finally gave in. In actual fact, we had actually met in a chat room online about the same time I started working in the store. I was always cautious so I decided to meet him in a very public place instead of riding alone with him anywhere. We met at a restaurant, and since it was a nice night, we opted to eat outside. He did something that I thought was sweet. He had picked me up a small box of chocolates. When I opened them, he suggested that I have one while we waited for our hors d'oeuvres. after the appetizers, he made a game of giving me chocolates and told me to try to eat them looking as sultry as possible. I was feeling a bit light headed, and put that down to the wine we were drinking, but was confused because I had only had a sip or two. At the point that we started to eat our entrees, he started to stare at me really closely. It was almost creepy, but for some reason, I was not overly alarmed.
My first sip of wine was really good. But I noticed that after a while that the wine was not tasting as good for some reason. I could not place the change other than the fact that it was not as appealing to me as when I first sipped it.
I was part way through the main course when the entire situation started to weird me out. I made my excuses and went to the washroom to call a good friend of mine to explain the situation. I was worried that maybe I was blowing this all out of proportion. My friend thought it was hilarious and told me just to be careful and not go anywhere alone with him, but to get a free meal out of the deal. So I returned to the table and he gives me another chocolate. What did I know at that tender age? I just went with it. I was hoping that it would become funnier. I had never been in such a strange situation so I decided to take it as ‘experience’ and have fun with it, (bad idea on my part).
But then I took a drink of my wine, unfortunately a pretty big one because I was really starting to get nervous. As soon as the wine entered my mouth I could tell something was wrong. It was awful! I casually put it down as if I had noticed nothing. It was obvious to me that he had put something in my wine. Suddenly I was scared! I needed to figure out what to do, but I needed time to put a plan together. So I sat there as if nothing was wrong, and even pretended that I was sipping my wine. After about a half hour of stalling and making small talk, I laughingly told him that the wine must be getting to me because I had to go to the washroom again.
I found our waiter, and took him aside telling him the situation, and asked if there was a back door to the place. I needed to get out of there now! He had another waiter escort me out the back door to my car while he went back to my table to keep my date distracted. I was getting so woozy, I did not think I could make it home. I decided to go to my friend's house instead because she did not live that far from the restaurant. So we both listened to music while I convinced her that I did not need to see a doctor. Eventually I must have fallen asleep. I woke up with a clear head, and that got me shaking as I realized what a close call I had. I figured that he had spiked the chocolates and my wine with a date rape drug or something equivalent.
Looking back on it, I regretted not calling the police from the restaurant to keep this freak from doing the same thing to another innocent girl, but I was young and  foolish and didn’t think about that. I just wanted  to get the hell out of there.  I explained my problem to the mall security guards, and they were really good about it. For a few months, they kept a lookout for him and escorted me out to my vehicle when I worked late. To my intense relief, I never saw hide nor hair of him again.
It dawned on me a while later how it was that he found me. I had put my work address on my dating site profile. What an idiot I was! I deleted my profile for a couple of months and then signed up with a new handle. The whole night could have ended much worse than it did. I thank my lucky stars that I had a mother who loved me. One who nagged me stupid about the perverts out there and what sorts of care I should take when going on dates.

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