I met a guy at the bus stop. He took the same bus as I did to go to work each morning and we would often sit together and chat. He seemed very sweet and courteous. We both worked down town right across the street from each other so it was inevitable that we would meet in the food court at some point. That day finally came. While I was having lunch one day he came over and asked if he could sit with me. So we sat together and had a pleasant lunch talking about innocuous things. He was a handsome dude and I found myself getting more interested in him. But as often is the case, looks can be deceiving.

He was recently divorced and was still adjusting to single life. He said that dating again was the toughest thing to get used to. Since I was also divorced, it was easy to commiserate with him on this point. He seemed very surprised to find out that I to was divorced, he said he couldn't imagine any man not wanting to be with me. I said that it was nice of him to say that. “Well its true!” he said. “From what I know of you, I would love it if you would go out with me”. I said, “Well if you ask me I will most definitely say yes.” Well he asked and unfortunately I said yes.

Because he has similar interests to me everything got off the ground great!Our recent bad experiences made each of us want to take it slowly at first. As we got to know each other better, it was just a matter of time before we felt ready to make the next step. Both of us were pretty uptight about it. What if we did something wrong? What if we got into a bad relationship again? In spite of this, we made plans to have a romantic getaway at his cottage the next weekend.

Well the day came and he drove down to my house to pick me up for our romantic weekend get away. As a matter of fact that’s exactly what I should have told him, “GET AWAY”, but like a love starved teenager I had fallen for a handsome face and a sad story. We pulled up to the so called cottage and to my surprise it looked like an outhouse. This place needed a ton of work. It was not even safe to walk into!  We ate a small supper and then had to sleep in a small tent that he had set up earlier. As I lay down, I discovered a large snake in my sleeping bag. I almost peed myself! I ran into the night screaming in fright. He followed me asking what he could do to make it up to me. I suggested he get a bigger tent and a smaller snake.

The next day I told him that I did not think that we would be able to make a life together. I felt bad as he drove me home, but what else could I do? He totally lied about his love nest to me. What else would he lie to me about in the future?

That night my friend told me about a fantastic link she visited that took her to hundreds of great dating sites. Since I had nothing to lose I decided to give it a try.

Over the next few months, I interacted with many men that I met on a couple of the dating sites. I even went out with several of them, but there was just no spark. Then 'he' came along. He was what I was looking for. Finally! It was as if God had tailor made him for me! We had interacted online for some time before he finally gave me his phone number. By this time I was starting to dispare that he did not like me or something. Talking to him seemed like deja vu! There was something familiar about his voice. I was sure that I had heard it before, but I could not place where. Anyway we talked on the phone for a couple of weeks, sometimes for hours at a time. We laughed and joked I can't remember having that much fun talking to a guy before. I was so happy I got that link. I still cannot imagine what a better gift could be. |I was floating on air. I felt like a teenager again.. I was bouncing around like a teenager. Bubbling with enthusiasm and overjoyed. All my friends noticed and remarked on it!. During that time, I was so happy that all my friends kept commenting on it. What a joy he brought to my life!.

The only thing that was strange about our online relationship was that I had never seen his face. He would not do video chats, and he would not even send me a picture of himself. Whenever I pressed him on the issue, he said that he did not think that someone should be judged by their looks alone and that he felt that a face to face meeting was the best way to judge someone.The day finally arrived when we decided to meet in person for the first time. When we talked on the phone the last couple of times, he had weirded me out a bit. He said that he was afraid I would  take one look at him and run the other way. Now I was a little confused. Maybe he looked like a Leprechaun! I assured him I would never do that.

Instead of picking me up, he insisted on meeting me at his country place. So we agreed and he gave me directions to his place. Once I was on the road, some things about the scenery seemed familiar to me. As the feeling grew more intense, it finally dawned on my why this was so familiar. This was the same area where the guy with the snakes in his tent lived! I almost turned around right on the spot, but what could I do? I had given him my word. So I kept on going. He met me on the road about a half mile from where I was to meet him, no wonder he was worried I would run.

I jumped out of the car and rushed to the back to open the trunk. I was looking for the tire iron so I could show him what I thought of his duplicity! He caught my hands before I could do anything, told me to calm down and wait to see the rest of his surprise before I reacted. He led me down the road to where we had spent the night in a tent with the snake! I kept expecting to see snakes everywhere. But as we got to the site, I was flabbergasted! There in front of me was the nicest little summer home that I had ever laid eyes on!. He said that he had loved me from the moment he had met me, but realized after that disastrous night that he had to do something extraordinary to get me to consider him again.

He told me he decided to finish the cottage for me first, because I deserved something special and nice. He took out a loan and used all his savings. He did all that just for me! “WOW!” I was overwhelmed. I began to cry to think that someone could care about me so much.

That was quite some time ago now, and things are even better now than they were then. The more I am with him, the more I love him. We got formally hitched a few months after that. The more time I spent with him, the more I realized just how special he was and how much more I loved him.

So I met the love of my life on a dating site. I know that technically that is not quite true, but it was the dating site that let me see the real person that he was rather than the person I thought I had known before. And if that seems confusing, you would be totally perplexed by the thoughts going around in my head right now as I think about all this. My best friend has earned my perpetual gratitude for giving me that URL. I am forever grateful to her.

So if your alone and want to find someone to share your life with, then the link below can show you the way.

Meet Your Perfect Match Like I Did!

Hello! Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard often.
When she got there, the cupboard was bare. Bummer.

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