I sort of fell into communicating with a guy online for a couple of months because my best friend gave him my messenger address. At that point it just seemed natural for us to meet for lunch to see where our budding relationship might go. He lived over 100 miles away from me, so it was quite a commitment on his part to meet me at my house. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in an old truck. We are not talking “classic car” here, we are talking JUNKER. My loser detector went on full alert!

When I opened the door for him, I was in for more disappointment. He looked like he had just crawled out from under his truck, and apparently that is what had happened. His truck had broken down, and not wanting to be late he decided not to change after fixing it. He insisted that I drive, and when I got in and saw a gaping hole in the passenger floor boards, I understood why.

He took me to an all you can eat buffet at the a high end Chinese restaurant. It was nice and the food was quite tasty. Things seemed to be looking up a bit, but that was short lived.  He did the usual compliments about me and then proceeded to tell me an anecdote of how he had lost most of the toes on one foot because of a childhood accident with his dad's loaded rifle. Like I cared. He then went on to tell me that he didn't really have a job and that he lied about having one so I would go out with him. He was about to be evicted from his friends garage of all things. That was where he was living. Next this pathetic loser started to cry that he was not good looking enough to attract a girl, he had no job, and no prospects. What could I do but just pat his hand and tell him to be patient that there is someone out there for him and that things will work out for him eventually. He did not have enough money to pay for my lunch so we had to go dutch; at which point we went to my apartment.

As we stood at my apartment door he remembered that he had bought a gift for me and that he had left it in the truck. He asked me what my favourite colour was and I said it was yellow. He then ran down the hall in excitement. I stood there wondering what in the world could he have bought me that was yellow. Well I soon found out. He returned a few minutes later with some over-ripe bananas. I didn't know weather to laugh or cry so I did neither. Instead I just stood there in awe. So then he informs me that he needs to spend the night because he had too much to drink. I lost it and screamed at him to get out. I could not budge him so I did the only thing I could do. I threw bananas at him until he ran out the door as I slammed it! He pounded on the door for me to let him in but I would not budge. I told him to pack up his bananas, especially the one in his pants and leave, or I would call the cops. Thank God he left.

It proved to be a costly date. I felt compelled to move, and change my messenger id and email address. My friends know better than to give out my information to casual acquaintances anymore.

I am going to try an online dating site. They guarantee anonymity. Hopefully the guys their can come up with something other than just their bananas to keep me happy.

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