First dates are always fraught with trepidation. I mean, you are hoping for the best, but often you get something far shy of that mark.Somewhere up there, God must be always laughing at the continual joke that he foisted on the human race. The first date. Why is it so tough to get through? One problem of course is the choice of venue. If the guy is not forthcoming in where you are going, or if you are not sure how classy the place is, it is tough to dress for. I mean you are always trying to look sexy, but sexy for one venue might look a bit trashy in another. The main problem of course is that you do not know how well you are going to hit it off, and you may end up with the evening dragging on forever. In many cases you have decided after about fifteen minutes that it is not going to work out, but you are trying to make the best of a bad situation. Most of us have a lot of issues just walking out of a first date within the first few minutes. It as if you have not given them a chance. In the end, you stick it out hoping for the best. That is pretty much my problem.  I have trouble with confrontation or making any sort of scene in public. Usually, after a bad date, I just ignore them if they try to call. If they do not call me, I count my blessings while secretly fuming that he should have at least called so I could ignore him.

In any event, I have finally found a way to keep entertained when I am out on a bad date.

There may be times when you are out with a known entity, like a steady boyfriend, and he runs into some people from work and spends the rest of the night talking shop and mostly ignoring you. Worse yet you run into some pals of his and they end up talking sports all night. Aside from a game of pool, which I indulge in not so much because I am good, but because I can show off my amazing butt, I have little interest in sports or games of any type. Especially video games. Yuck!!  To listen to the animated way that gamers talk you would think that there is nothing more important in the world, but to me it is like watching flies mating. I am digressing a bit here, but you can get a gist of just how turned off I would be by such conversation.

My issue is that polite has been hammered into me from the time I was crawling. It is in my bones. I find it impossible to make any sort of scene, ever. And that means I will never walk out on a date, no matter how badly it is going. So too many times I just sat there, bored out of my mind, and hoping the evening will just end.If I have been bored stiff, or ignored all night, there ain't gonna be no sugar tonight for that dude. So when I go home, the rest of the evening is strictly about self-gratification as it were!

So after being bored on more dates than I can count, one night while I was sitting there imagining ending the evening with my favorite vibrator, I had an idea.  I had seen these cool vibrating panties in a sex shop a couple of weeks before, and although I sort of dismissed the idea at the time, I could suddenly see possibilities. The day after that particular date, I purchased a pair. I decided that the model with remote control would best meet my needs.

For my next date I wore my pulsating panties. As predicted, when we get to the bar, Mr. Wonderful starts to talk to his chums about sports. It was not long before I was hitting the go button on my electric panties. It was amazing! Suddenly, I did not give a damn what they were talking about.  I was just sitting in my chair in bliss, pretending to watch some game on the TV over the bar.

It was so good that I started to wear them on any kind of date.  On those rare nights where everything is going good between us and I do not need to use them, it is pretty easy to slip off to the ladies room just before going home to change into regular panties. That way, there are no strange looks as we go home and hit the sack together.

A short time later, I was in our weekly sales meeting listening to our management team preaching to us about quarterly targets, last quarter results, and new sales quotas. Needless to say, they were raising them again so that they could look good to their bosses. I was fighting off sleep and getting a migraine headache. Such meetings have always been a mystery to me. I have no idea what they accomplish other than to add pressure and increase anxiety. It would be much better for them to give us some concrete ideas of how to approach customers on various products. But they likely do not know anything more than we do, so all they are able to come up with is to increase pressure on us. I would hate to have to do crap like that to justify my existence.  Enough about that. I started to daydream, then sort of had a flashback to the previous Saturday night when my boyfriend and his pals ignored me most of the night. They were spewing similar nonsense, but I did not care because I had on my magic pants. Then it hit me like a baseball bat to the head. Why not do the same thing at work that I did on crappy dates? The following week, I tried it out for the first time.  That meeting made me see my work time in an entirely different light. I had every woman's dream. Imagine, being paid to orgasm. I mean, it was like being a hooker without any risk. On top of that, because I was so good with the controls by then, when I timed myself to come at the end of the meeting, the boss just assumed that I was really enthusiastic to his ideas. And the best thing was that the panties were quiet enough that nobody could hear. Before long, I was wearing them every day. This meant that I needed a drawer full of play panties, but they were the best investment I ever made. I mean, after all, they changed my whole outlook on working.  Everyone at work lately remarks how happy I always am now. They all assume of course that I have a new lover or something. But I will never tell!  No matter what the trial, I just smile.

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