A few generations ago, many adult ladies never experienced and orgasm. In fact, many did not understand what an orgasm was.  Generations of women were reared with rudimentary knowledge of sex, and sometimes with negative messages about their bodies, and their sexuality. In fact a twin study ending in 2005 found that one in three women reported never or seldom achieving orgasm during intercourse, and just one tenth always achieved an orgasm. Orgasms don’t come easily for many women. A woman who cannot have an orgasm has as frustrating a life as a man with an erectile disfunction.

So how can we change this, especially when most women now a days  desire orgasms. Well let's begin by exploring what a female orgasm really is.  Woman experiencing an orgasm is much like what men experience-there is a peak of sexual excitement, in a moment of intense pleasure, and a throbbing, electric sensation that spreads out through the body.  Rythmiccontractions take place within the pelvic area including the walls of the vagina. Another difference here is that women don't have to have a recovery period, and may have multiple orgasms with ongoing coital stimulation, usually within 60 to 120 seconds. In most women, there is no fluid ejaculated during orgasm.  This is important for men to understand so that they understand that a woman can have a completely satisfying orgasm without ejaculating.

With the right partner, most women can have multiple orgasms if they want.

Unlike men, women need the right conditions before they are able to orgasm. For instance:

1) Women need to feel wanted, and appreciated a situation charged with romance
3) A person they click with
4) Relaxed environment
5) The right degree if clitoral stimulation – not to rough, not too easy

You will not have great success in giving your partner orgasms if you fail to provide most of the above.

Men should understand that women generally have several variations of orgasms---the most common is the clitoral orgasm.  The clitoris may be stimulated in a few ways, but the most common are oral stimulation or hand manipulation. The clitoral orgasm can have fluid expelled or be dry, and leads to pulsations within the uterus . Another type of orgasm is called the G Spot. The G spot is tougher to zero in on: it is located on the upper wall of the vagina about the length of your index finger in. In most women the G-spot is about 3 inches into the vagina, and near the neck of the bladder where it connects with the urethra.  Gentle but firm pressure is required to find the G spot if the woman is not stimulated yet.  It feels like a spongy area about the size of a small bean. The exact size and location can vary slightly from female to female.  A vaginal orgasm will usually occur if the G-spot is appropriately stimulated.

In summary, sex is something amazing that should provide both partners with intense pleasure. The following can help both of you have orgasms regularly:

1) Women are touchy, feely people – use gentle stroking with your hands, lips and tongue.Be gentle, especially when touching her genitals, or rubbing her clitoris
3) Orally stimulate her breasts with kissing and gentle sucking
4) Take it slow- it is not a race
5) Ask her if she likes what you are doing and ask her to tell you what she wants
6) Be a tease- touching her pleasurable spots then withdrawing over, and over again. This will intensify the orgasm and the pleasure for both of you.
7) If she is dry – the most likely case at the beginning of sexual intercourse, use your own natural lubrication, or else use a lubricant like KY Jelly – if she is dry, sex will be painful and cause lasting damage.
8) Learn her body- does her nipples get hard only during arousal or are they like that at other times
9) Experiment so that sex does not get stale
10) Don't make demands: this could spoil the moment

Men should use this guide, because if their partner can enjoy orgasms every time they have sex, then you will definitely have more sex.

If you are an unsatisfied woman – nag your partner to read this article, after all, your entire future is at stake!

Good Luck!

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