A woman's need for size is an issue that has concerned men for ages. Would a women be satisfied with a gherkin or is it necessary to pack a straight eight cucumber? Does penis size really matter?  Although many men worry about length, it is the girth that most women are looking for. It is one of the reasons why "cock rings" are one of the more popular sex toys.  Recently, science has discovered an apparently unrelated correlation that makes it easy for a women to assess if the present will satisfy the occasion.

In a recent study of a sample of Korean men in hospital for penis-related surgery, it was found that the ratio of a man’s ring finger to his index finger indicates the relative size of his penis. The larger the length of the ring finger when compared to the index finger, the more that the man's underwear seams are straining. Apparently it has something to do with the ratio of testosterone to estrogen ratio of the developing fetus while still in the womb. So all you guys out there with underdeveloped parts can blame your mothers. 

It also has been observed that men with a long ring finger are better at athletics, more successful in sales jobs, and scored higher on entrance tests for medical institutions. So, not only does he have a more satisfying package, but he’s also stronger and smarter too! By the way, guys, filing down your index finger will not fool anybody – it’ll just look like you got into a bad accident in wood shop class.

So, now every woman has a quick and easy way to discreetly check out whether a man has some sizable junk in his pants without stealing glances at his shoe size or crotch bulge. (Both of which can be exaggerated, by the way – I know a guy who stuffs his shorts AND wears shoes two sizes too big for him). She can get all the information she really needs during a handshake. Easy!

Men cannot do much about the size of their dick, but women can indeed do something about the tightness of their vaginas, and a lot of men's groups are promoting vagina tightening.

These men’s groups are promoting more focus on Kegel exercises for women, so that the vagina muscles are so strong and contractible, that even the smallest penis could be gripped and enjoyed. Women who have just had a baby know all about the benefits of Kegels for re-strengthening their lady parts for things like preventing incontinence, but these men’s groups contend that all women could benefit from having a vice-like vagina.

Kegel Exercises for a Tighter Vagina!

On a side note, there is much that a man can gain from kegel exercises and tantra sex so that they can have more intense orgasms, more frequent orgasms, and multiple orgasms. You gotta love that guys!

Kegel Exercises for stronger male orgasms!

In the future, genetics may provide a tool for manipulating your offspring's tool!

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