The following is my personal online dating experiences. My name is Brianna. Several years ago, I was desperately horny. That is not my usual state, but was the result of having just been through a divorce. Now divorces are not known to make you horny in themselves. My issue is that I had been celibate during most of the contest, and now that it was over I had gotten my long lost libido back in spades.  My problem was that I had been out of the dating scene for a long time, was in a different decade, and really had no idea where to go or what to do to find a date. My ever helpful sister Darla told me that I should try plentyoffish. I said what the hell is eating fish going to do to help my loneliness? She said I had it wrong. She said that plentyoffish was a dating site, not a diet regimen. She said I should try it to see if I could find someone nice to be with. At first I was against the idea, but gradually I came around. After all, what did I have to loose? BIG MISTAKE!

As it turns out, plentyoffish is a good name for the site. I met some trumpet fish, a couple of groupers, and two whales. They should call it plenty of losers.

The first guy that I ran into that seemed okay said that he liked to play with his kids and hang out at the beach walking around and collecting sea shells and stuff. When I checked his profile, it turns out that he does not have any kids at all, he was just leading me on, so I moved on.

The next man I met in the chat room seemed nice enough. He described himself to me as a trim 35 year old man who had no kids and had been divorced for a few years. He was looking for a serious relationship. When I met the dude in person, he was 65 if he was a day. His hair was all white, and he had quite a beer belly. At least 48 inches! He was dressed in all black cowboy clothes. My God he looked like an Grand Ole Opry washout. I was waiting for him to pull out a guitar and start singing “Forget The Past”. I wish I could forget him.

The next loser seemed nice enough online, but when I met him in person, suddenly his voice became an unintelligible drawl. Halfway between New York Ebonics and Arkansas drawl. He kept talking about us doing the deed over and over. I said that if he touched me I would yell at the top of my voice and call the cops! One more time I had to go on the lam! So there I was, blocking him on plentyofmorons at the first opportunity.

I informed my sister Darla that this dating site thing just wasn’t working and that all I was meeting were losers. She convinced me to give it another try. This time I hooked up with a guy who seemed to be sensible, smart and funny. I agreed to meet him in person after a couple of weeks.

We went to a club that I was familiar with. It was one that I occasionally frequented. As we were sitting down at a table, some people I was acquainted with came over to say hi. I invited them to sit with us. After all, they were friends, this was only a get acquainted date and I had no intention of finding myself between the sheets. Maybe it was intuition that had me invite them. I really do not know, but I did not think that there was any harm in it. My date on the other hand seem to have a big problem with it. He said “I'm not standing for this!” I said then sit down and shut up. Turns out he had no sense of humor, didn't dance or drink and when my friend told a joke he replied I'm not getting it. I said that’s right honey your not.

For the next couple of months, I chatted with a bunch of guys, but they were mostly neanderthals who had trouble stringing a coherent thought together. Certainly, their command of the written word left a lot to be desired. Truly uninspiring. I did not want to meet any of them.  I was no spring chicken anymore, but I do keep in shape, and I am brutally honest. I expect that any man I partner with to keep themselves actively healthy and not to lie to me. I was continually disappointed for a few more months. I just felt like I was wasting my time. I was beginning to think that a better name for plentyoffish would be plentyofnothing. Just like that old Gershwin song. I often found myself humming that tune each time I logged in.

So I found myself alone quite a bit over several months. I felt that the dating site was just not working for me at all. Now don't get me wrong, I was getting action, just not like the kind of action I wanted. I was fishing for a nice big swordfish, and all I kept landing were squid, suckers, and other small bait fish. I told my sister “NO MORE” dating sites. I will take my chances at the local bars. I was tired of hanging out at good old plentyoftimewasted.

She told me that she had recently heard of another site that some of her friends had used successfully. She asked me if I wanted the link. Since I was doing pretty much nothing with my spare time, I decided to give it a try, and said yes.

Actually the link pointed to a site that was not a dating site in itself. It just listed a lot of good dating sites that they had reviewed and recommended. Not surprising, plentyoffish was not on it. Well I feel like a new woman, I have been going out with some great guys and actually enjoying myself thanks to this link.

I may have cottoned on to why plentyoffish was not as successful for me as the other sites. I believe that plentyoffish attracts more than his fair share of losers just because the site is totally free.. I mean, would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone unsuccessful, or someone who is too cheap to pay for something? But free sites attracts exactly these kinds of people. When I took a harder look at the listed sites, I realized that every one of them were pay for use sites. In a way, it gives them an advantage because it tends to filter out both cheap people and unsuccessful people. I also found out that for several of these sites, only the men pay. As an average female, I have been just as successful on both the paying and the non-paying sites.

So don't go to the wrong type of site. Go to one that will work for you.

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